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Artis: DaBaby

Lamanya: 00:53

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DaBaby - Kujo
Dababy - Kujo, [Verse]
My bitch she just went through my phone and she left me
We just broke up through a text
Went through IG and seen our lil' message
I said, \"Fuck it\" and went bought a two-door
I'm a dog I can't help it, I'm Kujo
She called me selfish that's true though
'Cause a nigga like me need a few hoes
She called me selfish that's true though
I'ma fuck off, I'ma do that
I'm out of town with my new ho
We fucked the first night then I flew back
My bitch from the west side like 2Pac
Bet go get some cigars, get a 2 pack
I just went sold a pound in some flip flops
A white tee and muhfucking durag
I just dropped a box, my nigga caught it then we flip it
I just called my dog and we ain't got a cheap [?]
I'm riding with your bitch but baby don't belong to me
I'ma bring her back and turn her in just like a rental
I'm cool on these hoes they so stressful
I just cut off my new bitch she extra
I got off on my new plug, finessed him
I play chess let you nigga play checkers

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