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Download Lagu Barat 2020 terbaru gratis. Download Lagu Barat ditemukan di website - Download Lagu Gratis - Indonesia terbaru. Download Lagu Barat mp3 gratis. This is my story about buying a Tesla Model 3 and what happened afterwards - enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan | Tesla Referral Link: Get 2000 Free Supercharging Miles:

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It all started 6 months ago when I placed an order for a Tesla Model 3. At the time, I wasn’t necessarily in the market for a new car…but after going on their website, analyzing the tax benefits, and running the numbers, I quickly came to the conclusion that the car was only going to cost me…out of pocket…$78 per month to own within the first year.

It was also at that time that I posted the video detailing the financial breakdown, tax deductions, and rebates which brought the car down to the $78 per month, along with my experience buying a Tesla online. And almost immediately…that video just took off.

Within the first 28 days of posting that video, it gathered over 3 million views…over 20 million minutes of watch time…and from that, $25,000 in revenue. And to my dismay…it didn’t stop there. In total…within the last 5 months…that one single video made about $50,000, enough to pay for the car in its entirety.

Now don’t get me wrong, that wasn’t intentional…I never expected that video to do so well, and never thought my channel would EVER generate so many views…most of that just happened by a stroke of luck and a gift from the almighty youtube algorithm Gods…but looking back, in hindsight, buying this Tesla was the single best purchase I have ever made.

And overall, I’m pleased to say, I absolutely LOVE the car.

Cosmetically, the car needed some improvement…like many of you said, the original aero-wheels weren’t doing the car any favors…so I swapped them out for light weight, flow forged Blaque Diamond Wheels. And instead of paying for the upgraded paint on Tesla’s website, I had my buddy at The Wrap District wrap the car in Satin Black with Gloss Black Trim.

To accentuate the car a little further, I went ahead and painted the calipers and emblems in Acid Green…so now the car looks

So overall, I’ve been incredibly happy owning the Tesla Model 3, and can quite literally say this car been the best car I have ever owned. Not only that, but by pure stroke of luck…this car ended up paying for itself within a few months…and bringing an entirely new audience to the channel.

So for that, I want to thank you - I’ll continue to share every step of this youtube journey, answer the important questions everyone wants to know…like how much I made from that video…and I’ll continue to ask everyone to smash the like button for the youtube algorithm.

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