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Kumpulan lagu mp3 gratis. Kumpulan lagu di mp3. Kumpulan lagu di - Download Lirik Lagu Terbaru - download musik gratis untuk komputer anda. This Tayo Season 3 compilation video has stories about Cooku & Champ's trip to the city, I can’t sleep, I want to be your friend, and City heroes, Tayo & Duri.. How Tayo & Duri became city heroes? Did they save the city?

0:01 - 10:59 #13 Cooku & Champ's trip to the city
11:00 - 21:59 #14 I can't sleep
22:00 - 32:59 #15 I want to be your friend
33:00 – 43:59 #16 City heroes, Tayo & Duri

13. Cooku & Champ's trip to the city
Cooku and Champ visit the city for the first time. Although Cooku is unfamiliar with the area, she is too proud to admit it and ends up acting as if she knows everything. The two of them eventually land in an awkward and even dangerous situation.

14. I can’t sleep
One rainy day-off, Lani spends the whole day taking a nap and ends up not being able to sleep well that night. Next day, sleepy Lani keeps humiliating herself but cannot sleep again at night. From that day on, Lani's sleepless nights continue.

15. I want to be your friend
Heart and Hana come to help Speed who got hurt while fooling around. Speed is attracted to Heart at first sight with her pretty looks and kindness. He makes various plans to become friends with her but things only go wrong.

16. City heroes, Tayo & Duri
Tayo and Duri are very impressed by the deeds of superheroes on TV. When they coincidentally help a friend in need and get praised that they are just like superheroes, they get very excited. From the next day, Tayo and Duri dress up as super heroes and go out to offer their help to the townspeople.

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