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I'll show you some life hacks with a drill. For example, if you put a propeller from a fan on a drill, and then a plastic bottle, you will get something like a handheld vacuum cleaner. With such a vacuum cleaner you can remove, for example, sawdust from the table.

If you need to mix paint, use a drill and scissors. If you need to draw a smooth circle, use a drill, a piece of thick wire and a pencil. If you need to peel a lot of apples quickly, use a drill and a vegetable peeler. How to clean tile and tile grout? Make a drill bit out of the head of a toothbrush, dip it into a cleaning agent, and clean the tile.

I will show you how to keep the paint brush so that it doesn’t stain the surface and doesn’t dry out, how to drill holes in the wall without a mess, how to keep cloves and screws carefully, how to pull the nail out of the wall without damaging the putty, how to unscrew the nut, if there is no suitable wrench, how to facilitate the work with the jack, how to beat off a steak without a kitchen hammer, how to unscrew a tight cog, and much more.


00:40 How to draw a circle with a drill
03:17 Fix your glasses with a paper clip
05:01 Genius kitchen gadget
06:31 Fast trick to sharpen a pencil

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