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In this video I go through step by step how I find low float penny stock runners such as $VIVE early! This is how to make a trading watchlist after-hours and draw out support and resistance on the stocks, so you are prepared when the penny stock release a PR or file a filing.

Time stamps:
1:27 Why do penny stock companies reverse split their stock?
3:50 Reverse split lead to penny stocks reducing share float ($YUMA $BPTH)
5:34 How to find low float stocks to trade with Benzinga Pro news screener
8:49 $VIVE reverse split SEC filing and press release alerts
11:35 How to trade and buy reverse split penny stocks? ($SPI $SINT $FRAN $VIVE)
13:08 New reverse split stocks $FVE $NNVC $AEMD $ONVO $TTPH

Penny stock reverse split strategy REVEALED below:

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1.Why do penny stock companies reverse split their stock?
Companies, especially the small caps, become publicly listed to raise money from investors. Most penny stocks are vehicles for inside shareholders to dilute and hence generate cash flow as ATM offerings.
So these stocks try very hard to stay listed on Nasdaq, to do so they must keep $1 bid minimum. That's why these stocks reverse split to reduce their share price, and tighten up their float outstanding. So the stock becomes easier to be bid up when they conveniently release PR after the reverse split is finished!
That's why we see $VIVE release PR, and Goldman Sachs scooping up some common shares just days after their 1 for 100 reverse split. Someone's definitely making money from this pump, just not the investors.

2. How to find reverse split penny stocks to trade EARLY?
I personally use Benzinga pro to screen for recent reverse split stocks that released PR with headline keywords such as "reverse split", "delisting", and "offering". That tells me that these stocks are struggling to stay compliance with Nasdaq, and will do something soon to pump their stock up after the reverse split is finished.

3.How to buy penny stocks early?
Theres plenty of money to be made by waking up early. Benzinga pro sends live email alerts whenever the penny stocks I'm tracking release a PR headline, files SEC filing etc. So I already know what to do when I see volume trading above average premarket on $VIVE. I know the support to buy the dips and sell at highs near premarket before dilution happens at the opening spike.

Penny stock market cycle psychology explained
How to find stocks to trade?
How to read SEC filings for penny stocks dilution and offerings?
How to draw support and resistance lines in day trading?

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