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Media Outraged Over Trump's Tweets, Ignores Bernie Sanders Similar Statements. Over the past week we have been embroiled in another Donald Trump Tweet story pertaining to Elijah Cummings district in Baltimore and we know the media loves running wall to wall press about Trump's tweets.

Interestingly, however, Bernie Sanders has similar tweets and statements which never caught the ire of the media and the left. Perhaps this is because Trump is much more bombastic and aggressive, but even if that were true, the media, left, and far left are now arguing about the substance of the tweet and not the character.|

If Bernie and Trump both say Baltimore is bad for many reasons then why would the media ignore Bernie's presumably incorrect assessment but call out trump for being wrong?

To me this shows the clear bias against the president but mostly it shows the desire for the coveted 'Trump Bump.'

The media knows they get a ratings boost when they complain about the president so they take any opportunity to go after him, even if they know its a distraction from bigger issues, even if they know Trump is playing them and they are taking the bait.


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