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Penulis dukungan dan seniman dengan berbagi lagu ini. I feel love is something that anyone can relate to and emits light from the small things. And I think it comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So I work to find hidden meanings of love in these daily lives and translate them into animations and illustrations. #puuung #loveisinsmallthings

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Many of you are asking me if you can order my books in English online, but there isn’t an English version yet. My physical books are only available in 7 languages so far. — Korea [한국어], Indonesia [Bahasa Indonesia], Vietnam [Tiếng Việt], Taiwan [中文(台灣)], Turkey [Türkçe], Japan [日本語], Brazil [Português], China [中文(简体)] — I’ve been looking forward to publishing it in more other countries.

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