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Free Download Lagu Terbaru 2020 terbaru gratis. Free Download Lagu Terbaru ditemukan di website - Download Lagu Terbaru - Indonesia terbaru. Didukung oleh situs-situs seperti dan berbagi artikel. Free Download Lagu Terbaru mp3 gratis. Most of Google chrome users must have faced the issue ‘This site can’t be reached error‘. Don’t worry devicemanager is at your disposal to fix this issue easily. The cause of this error is that DNS lookup failed so the webpage is not available.
In this video I have given five methods to solve the problem. Watch the video fully.
Method 1: Restart DNS client
Method 2: Change IPv4 DNS Address.Type the following address in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server:
Method 3: Try resetting TCP/IP
(a) ipconfig /release
(b) ipconfig /all
(c) ipconfig /flushdns
(d) ipconfig /renew
(e) netsh int ip set dns
(f) netsh winsock reset
Method 4: Reset Gooogle Chrome settings
Method 5: Reinstall Chrome
The fix shown in the video works even for the issues like Fix This site can't be reached|ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Google chrome-I got the error message while surfing the internet.
This site can’t be reached-this site cannot be reached
this website refused to connect.
Reload the page
Check the connection
Check the proxy and the firewall
Check your Internet connection
Check any cables and reboot any routers, modems or other network devices you may be using.
Allow Chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings.
If it is already listed as a program allowed to access the network, try removing it from the list and adding it again.
If you use a proxy server.
Check your proxy settings or contact your network administrator to make sure that the proxy server is working. If you don't believe you should be using a proxy server: Go to the Chrome menu - Settings - - Show advanced settings - Change proxy settings... - LAN Settings and deselect "Use a proxy server for your LAN".
Then try to troubleshoot the error by using windows troubleshooter,finally it shows the following error.
"The remote device or resource won't accept the connection"-ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED,this method is working in windows 7,windows 8/windows 8.1/windows 10 too.

Go to settings-show advanced settings-network-change proxy settings
select connections tab-Lan settings
tick automatically detect settings option.

go to network and sharing center then select your network adapter and then click properties.
select internet protocol version 4 then tick automatically detect settings option.
finally the error is fixed.
Check this Url : for the following issues. to fix this site cannot be reached google chrome cannot be reached chrome cannot be reached fix cannot be reached windows 10 cannot be reached problem cannot be reached fix windows 10
7.This site can’t be reached [FIX] [Google Chrome]
10.this site cannot be reached google chrome
11.this site can’t be reached
12.this site cannot be reached
13.the site cannot be reached
14.ERR CONNECTION RESET error connection reset this site can't be reached
17.can't be reached
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