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Download Lagu Gratis Terbaru lagu favorit dari bulan. Download Lagu Gratis Terbaru lagu terbaik tahun ini - Lagu Tebaru - download musik gratis untuk komputer anda. Mr. Meat new update v 1.6.0 Full gameplay

Finally Mr. Meat was updated again to version 1.6.0
The changes are pretty much too
Among them:
Version 1.6.0:

- New zone: Bunker + Laboratory
- The interface has been redesigned
- The music menu has been upgraded
- New puzzles
- Amelia's character has been redesigned
- New mystery
- Visual effects and skipping intro options have been added

Mr Meat is a bloodthirsty zombie. He has no soul and only wants to kill. He has fresh blood and meat to eat. He has become a serial killer. And his house is a mixture of haunted houses and prisons. This creepy zombie, known as Mr. Meat, is a serious criminal case. A new hostage for a girl. He was locked in a terrible prison house. Death chases after him, zombie neighbor scares you will kill him. Your mission is to save him and save his life.

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