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This track came about through a fairly unusual path too. I'm a big fan of this group from Liverpool called The Wombats and I'd done a remix for them of this track 'Moving To New York' a couple of years back. They had a new album called The Modern Glitch in the works and they asked if I could do a remix for the first single 'Tokyo'. Their label then had a change of heart, switched things around and opted for another track as a single instead. I was in the studio trying to make something of this other track -- which funnily enough was called 'Techno Fan' (!) - and it just didn't seem to be clicking. I got so frustrated and needed to do something to release the musical pressure block that had built up. That 'release' resulted in 'Rock This'! It was kind of like an outpouring thoughts, a kind of stream on conscious, but in production form.

The whole thing happened really quickly. I think the whole track went from start to listenable in something like 2hrs. It was as close to instant as tracks come. Literally one idea falling into place behind another, behind another. I think that maybe I was unable to do The Wombats remix because I had 'Rock This' pent up in there. Simply nothing else was going to happen before 'Rock This' was recorded!

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