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Terima kasih telah mengunjungi website kami untuk mendengar musik, bersenang-senang di sini. Download Lagu Gratis The Null Tester gratis hari ini. Download Lagu Gratis The Null Tester lagu terbaik tahun ini - Lagu Terbaru 2019 - share lagu favorit saya. Some audio enthusiasts believe there may be more to audio fidelity than is currently known, and they insist that signal wires and other audio devices can measure the same yet sound different. This video explains what a null test is and how it works, then uses a custom made Null Tester device to compare RCA wires ranging in price from a few dollars to $700. Rather than measure wires directly, the Null Tester isolates all differences between signals passing through the wires, then lets you assess and hear only that difference.

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If you like this video, my Audio Expert book is full of solid audio science with plenty of myth busting:

To avoid making this video even longer I didn't talk about *why* people believe they hear a difference with wires, even when no difference exists. These articles address that:

If you already know what a null test is and does, you can skip the explanation and go directly to the live portion of this video where the wires are compared at 18 minutes 23 seconds.

It's difficult to have a technical discussion in YouTube comments, so for questions or extended comments, please post in the Audio Central section of my Audio Expert forum:

If a wire vendor (or anyone else ) would like me to test their wires using this device, I'll be glad to do that and make a private video of the process for a very reasonable fee. Contact me through my web site:

Items mentioned in this video:

The AES “Damn Lies” video explains how audio devices are spec’d and measured:

The AES “Audio Myths” video dispels many common myths about audio and hearing:

“Phil Cramer, The Movie” video:

Vincent Burel’s freeware signal generator (Windows PCs):

Parametric equalizer (and spectrum analyzer) article with schematics:

Mojo Maestro article with schematic:

LabNation USB Oscilloscope:

Harmonic Tech “Magic Link One” RCA wire ($700.00):

Expert electronics consultant Julia Truchsess: Download Lagu Gratis The Null Tester mp3 gratis

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