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Artis: TOBi

Album: FYi

Lamanya: 03:30

Ukuran: 3.19 MB

Melihat: 2,050

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Artist: TOBi

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TOBi - FYi
Tobi - Fyi, I’m just a young Leonardo in the making
I’m coming for all heads for your information (2x)
I said I’m (Just like that)
Ouuu I said I’m coming for all heads
For Your Information
Ouuu Coming for all…

Nate let me cruise on this smooth ass cool jazz boom bap
Ouu Fedora on the durag
(That’s that shit) That’ll make a crip toss his blue flag in the air saying
(that’s my shit) Okay I’m fresh out the friend zone
She messing with me just off potential like (ah ah ah)
Lead bustin out the pencil Put the mental in instrumental like
(You know I’m going crazy)
Baby it’s true I know that it’s all you
Remember they would call him white wash in high school
(I mean he looks like Denzel) but he sounds like Tom Cruise
All you, all you, all you better be ready for
I’m coming for all heads
For your information
Coming for all heads For your information
Leonardo in the making

[Part 2]
Jordy (3x)
You dearly departed
For your information I’m getting it started (2x)
Eyes wide open at four in the morning
All I hear upstairs is my momma shedding immigrant tears
What that sound like? A foreigner mourning
Ouu baby its riveting
Ouu baby its
Ouu baby its
So goddamn phenomenal
But are you even listening
Do you fools even listen to music or do you skim through it?
Oh do you
Oh do you?

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